What if Jobu had a 1989 Donruss baseball card?


Normally, I’d never be a fan of non-Indians personnel in my team’s locker room, but this guy made things happen. (Sorry, Duke and Pepper.)

I’m not big on the whole religion thing — my momma always thought a belt was effective — but Pedro Cerrano‘s spiritual advisor, Jobu, was a master of inspiring clutch performances.

(Forget that Derek Jeter guy…)

If any non-player deserved a baseball card, Jobu was it.

Unfortunately, nobody knows the whereabouts of Jobu today. That’s a shame, because he could seriously help out some players in MLB today. (Read: A-Rod.)

After all, he did plenty for helping Cerrano with the curveball, and I had to think that he inspired ol’ Eddie Harris in our playoff game vs. the Yankees.


Here’s another of those 1989 Donruss fantasy baseball cards courtesy of a big Major League fan, Chris Olds (now with Beckett Media), who created this card for the San Antonio Express-News sports section in 2005.

It’s my kinda card, Charlie. It’s my kinda card.

— Lou Brown,

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Hey, I’d really like to pick up copies of these Cerrano cards.. do you have extra’s you’d be willing to sell/trade.

Comment by Jesse

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