Roger Dorn throws out the first pitch on fateful anniversary

Roger Dorn poses with Indians fans before the game. (Image courtesy of

Roger Dorn threw out the first pitch today in Cleveland, which also happens to be the 12th anniversary of Major League: Back To The Minors‘ theatrical release.

Harry Doyle said his pitch was juuuuuuust a bit outside, but personally I think his vision is getting bad.

It’s worth noting that Dorn is one of only four Major Leaguers to appear in all three films — him, coach Duke Temple, Pedro Cerrano and Doyle.

— Lou Brown

I missed Eddie Harris in our second season …

I’ll tell you right now, Eddie Harris was the glue that held our pitching staff together in 1988.

And he also had all the best lines in Major League.

Watch the video and learn.

— Lou Brown

What if Jobu had a 1989 Donruss baseball card?


Normally, I’d never be a fan of non-Indians personnel in my team’s locker room, but this guy made things happen. (Sorry, Duke and Pepper.)

I’m not big on the whole religion thing — my momma always thought a belt was effective — but Pedro Cerrano‘s spiritual advisor, Jobu, was a master of inspiring clutch performances.

(Forget that Derek Jeter guy…)

If any non-player deserved a baseball card, Jobu was it.

Unfortunately, nobody knows the whereabouts of Jobu today. That’s a shame, because he could seriously help out some players in MLB today. (Read: A-Rod.)

After all, he did plenty for helping Cerrano with the curveball, and I had to think that he inspired ol’ Eddie Harris in our playoff game vs. the Yankees.

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