Exclusive Discovery: The long lost 1990 Upper Deck Major League cards

1990UDparkman2 copy

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s landmark — some might say exclusive (but it’s much, much bigger than that) — find, we have gotten our hands on the cards that were intended to be in the 1990 Upper Deck baseball set.

These feature the stars of Major League II — a few guys you have heard of and, based on the box office attendance, some guys you haven’t.

(We won’t mention that the sequel came in 1994 — Major League II documents my squad’s second pennant-winning season, which is firmly 1989.)

— Lou Brown

See the rest of the “missing” 1990 cards after the jump.

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For every Jake Taylor, you get 1,000 of these …


For every Jake Taylor, you get 1,000 of these … my favorite player of all time, Jack Parkman.

Really, I loved the guy. Well, at least I loved it when we beat his White Sox …

I’ll take that back. Parkman”s not a one in a thousand player… he’s just a bonafide one-of-a-kind ass who makes Nuke LaLoosh look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Taylor was a true professional — one of the best in the game before his knees gave out.

— Lou Brown,