Dammit, Schoup: Kevin Hickey dies at age 56
May 16, 2012, 7:11 pm
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He may only be known by one name, but Schoup was a star for my team in Major League II — he was the guy who was in trouble against the White Sox who made me use Vaughn to get the save.

Baseball card collectors might call him a common, but I call him reliable.

And I just call him Schoup.

You might know him as Kevin Hickey, a former Chicago White Sox (pre-Parkman so it’s OK) and Baltimore Orioles pitcher who played six seasons in the real major leagues before he became a star for us. He went 9-14 with a 3.91 ERA and 17 saves in his time in The Show.

Here’s the Chicago Tribune story reporting the news that he died this morning at age 56.

I’m not happy about it. I may move to England.

Or, I might go collect all of his baseball cards.

— Lou

Roger Dorn throws out the first pitch on fateful anniversary

Roger Dorn poses with Indians fans before the game. (Image courtesy of

Roger Dorn threw out the first pitch today in Cleveland, which also happens to be the 12th anniversary of Major League: Back To The Minors‘ theatrical release.

Harry Doyle said his pitch was juuuuuuust a bit outside, but personally I think his vision is getting bad.

It’s worth noting that Dorn is one of only four Major Leaguers to appear in all three films — him, coach Duke Temple, Pedro Cerrano and Doyle.

— Lou Brown

Will you find these in 2010 Upper Deck baseball card packs?

Since Upper Deck has decided to go all renegade and use MLB logos on its 2010 baseball card set — a move that has the attention of Major League Baseball — I just want to know one thing …

Will any of the 1990 buyback cards inserted into packs look anything like this one?

I still haven’t found a Pedro Cerrano card in any of the backs I have purchased … what about you?

— Lou Brown

I have another reason to believe in calisthenics (and you can guess what I think of this one)


Lou Brown has been known to pick up an autograph or two — call them mementos of my team — but I’m not sure if this one (sold on eBay from JG Autographs Inc.) will join the ol’ collection.

It’s not because I already own three Corbin Bernsen-signed … err Roger Dorn … items.

And it’s not because I don’t dislike the idea of inscriptions from the film — or that this one’s a tad overwhelming.

It’s just that I do believe in calisthenics.

Exclusive Discovery: The long lost 1990 Upper Deck Major League cards

1990UDparkman2 copy

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s landmark — some might say exclusive (but it’s much, much bigger than that) — find, we have gotten our hands on the cards that were intended to be in the 1990 Upper Deck baseball set.

These feature the stars of Major League II — a few guys you have heard of and, based on the box office attendance, some guys you haven’t.

(We won’t mention that the sequel came in 1994 — Major League II documents my squad’s second pennant-winning season, which is firmly 1989.)

— Lou Brown

See the rest of the “missing” 1990 cards after the jump.

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For every Jake Taylor, you get 1,000 of these …


For every Jake Taylor, you get 1,000 of these … my favorite player of all time, Jack Parkman.

Really, I loved the guy. Well, at least I loved it when we beat his White Sox …

I’ll take that back. Parkman”s not a one in a thousand player… he’s just a bonafide one-of-a-kind ass who makes Nuke LaLoosh look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Taylor was a true professional — one of the best in the game before his knees gave out.

— Lou Brown,